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Vascular, excess sweat and hyperhidrosis treatments

Permanently reduce underarm sweat and odour

Hyperhidrosis  – excessive sweating is surprisingly common, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

It can limit your activities and restrict what you can wear, as well as sapping your confidence. No one wants sweaty, smelly armpits.

Doctor Huber is a hugely experienced and trusted specialist venous surgeon, based in Wollongong and Camden. With over twenty-five years of experience you can be sure that Dr Huber will take the time to meet and speak with every patient to consider their needs.

Dr Huber is confident to offer the miraDry treatment because is almost always one treatment only, and takes about an hour. Effects are permanent and life changing for many thousands of miraDry patients. The treatment was approved by the FDA in 2011 and the TGA in 2014 and has a high safety record.

If excessive sweating and odour are having a negative impact on you, consider a free consultation with Dr Huber.